Buttons Workshop Update

We are happy to announce changes that were done to Buttons Workshop last week.

  • We launched universal online button designer that allow you to create any button for any software you need. You should just enter filename and title for button. And you can create as many buttons as you want
  • You can create account and save all your buttons sets
  • You can save and edit your buttons set
  • You can share your buttons set with friends
  • We decided to launch featured gallery where we will spotlight best buttons sets designed by our users.
  • Also we are happy to announce that we added new language to our button designer

We want to thank you:

  • Jack Huang for Chinese translation
  • Yassen Yotov for Bulgarian
  • Bas Debie for Dutch
  • Sandro Carniel from Zencart Italia for Italian translation

Sincerely,  Buttons Workshop Team

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